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Commercial Real Estate Broker

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Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Schwalb Realty Group ("SRG") is an independent commercial real estate brokerage based in Chicago, Illinois. Our private brokerage model distinguishes us from other brokerage firms. We connect our network of national and international real estate buyers with sellers of off-market office, industrial, hotel, retail and multifamily properties.

We add value to each transaction in several ways:

  1. Sourcing unique, non-listed properties that are unavailable through other brokers or channels.

  2. Thoroughly qualifying the buyers in our network to ensure that they are ready, willing and able to close on the deals we show them.

  3. Pre-screening properties to ensure that they meet the stringent purchase criteria of our buyer network.

  4. Closely matching the attributes of each property to the specific purchase needs of our buyers.

  5. Assisting clients in obtaining relevant market information and property analysis to support their purchase decisions.

  6. Recommending teams of qualified service professionals including attorneys, inspectors, appraisers, and market research analysts whose skills are closely matched to the unique requirements of each transaction.

  7. Facilitating smooth negotiations between buyers and sellers that are completed in a timely and efficient manner. SRG is a relationship-based brokerage. We build long-term relationships with our clients by maintaining regular contact with them and learning about their ever-evolving acquisition criteria. In an increasingly competitive marketplace for top tier commercial real estate properties, Schwalb Realty Group is positioned to add significant value to the efforts of our clients through our unique approach.