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  • Smart Energy Solutions
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Responsive Energy Group is an energy solutions company that works with our clients to reduce their energy costs by up to 30%. We accomplish this by first looking at the cost a business is paying for their electric and gas supply. Second, we look for energy efficiency opportunities within their buildings.

We engage, enable, educate, and empower businesses and individual building owners to take control of their energy consumption and cost. We engage our customers by exposing them to ways to reduce their energy costs by reducing their consumption or the rates they pay for utilities. We enable them by offering them tools to monitor their facilities. We educate them in what is going on in the world of energy with both simple and complex solutions to reducing energy costs. We empower them with tools to take control of one of the single most costly line items in their operating budgets.

The typical savings a business can expect from changing their supplier from a public utility to an energy supplier is 10%-30%. Energy efficiency savings typically range between 6%-30%.

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If you own a building(s) or are paying the utility costs on a building we can help! For a FREE, cost containment audit of your businesses electric or gas supply contact me at 224-241-6378.